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David Swartz

Classmate David (Dave) Swartz passed March 8, 2019 in St. Joseph. MO.  Born August, 26, 1942 in Topeka, he was preceded in death by his parents.  After THS he served in the United State Army in Vietnam.He later worked at Menninger’s Hospital, Topeka State Hospital and Topeka VA Medical Center.

He was a collector of everything and loved garage sales, flea markets and home renovations.  Survivors include his children, Sara Ross (Brian), Hope Mischlich (Greg), Wendy and Mike Swartz.  He has six grandchildren, one great-grandchild and two brothers. His obit also acknowledges former wife Shirley Jones and Beloved companion Betty Mosser.

Memorial contributions to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, 1235 S. Clark Street Suite 910, Arlington, VA 22202. Per his wishes, he has been cremated with a private memorial service at a later date.   



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03/28/19 07:52 AM #1    

Michael A. Tyree

David was my 1st cousin and we were companions much of our childhoods. We fished, camped and hunted all the time.

A personal tidbit: As our three sons hit bedtime we had a tradition of storytelling. By far the most requested, popular stories were "David Stories"! He was quite a character as it was and could amaze with some of his actions.

Once David had "discovered girls" and left sports after his sophmore year, we weren't as close.

I helped David rehab an old Airstream trailer to live in when he returned from the war, located down in the old Aburndale Park, trailer park. He was only "sort of OK then" IMO, as one who knew him very well. The war and the particular type of duty (Medic & Field Mortuary Duty) had it's effects I'm afraid even though he continued on with life, marrying and family, etc..We talked about it some back then...

David was an Agent Orange (Dioxin) survivor of the Vietnam War. His choices of working at the Topeka VA as a counselor, Topeka State Hospital & Menniger's, all in mental health support, were all following aspects of his prior lifes experiences, I have no doubt. Losing his Mother (my Aunt Josephine) while in his early teens also factored in, a tough thing for a young boy indeed.

I talked with David, at length, just prior to his death and he seemed to have good spirits, even as he had weakened. We enjoyed a great conversation, good for us both. The significant lady mentioned in his obit was special to him and one of several ladies who looked after him over his senior years. Sadly he was enstranged from some of his children and one brother, for some years. Another brother continued to assist/support him over the years. He desired no family gathering after his death but there is the possibility of a celebration of Davids life as is wished by several of his kids, not planned as yet. Dave's cousin Mike T

03/28/19 04:28 PM #2    

Kathryn Kistler (Green)

May he rest in peace. Not aware that I knew him, or that Kathy Kistler (classmate of his, spouse of mine) did either. Touched by his story. Vern Green



03/28/19 06:57 PM #3    

Roger A. Davis

Mike, Thanks for your post.  I was a friend of Dave's durning our high school years and also have memories of hunting and fishing with him.  After high school we lost track of each other but i do remember a letter he sent me from Viet Nam. Sorry to hear he gone.  Roger

03/29/19 12:00 PM #4    

Pamela J. Reese (Bennett)

If this is the same David Swartz who grew up in the area around Roosevelt Jr. High and attended Sumner Elementary School, then I knew him.  We palled around during our grade school years.  His mother was so sweet, she made me a doll I kept for ages.  He gave me a kitten who lived with us for many years, providing family and friends with kittens of her own along the way.  David was a gentle soul and very clever.  He made a little "car" that he drove from his house to mine.  My dad was impressed. I honestly think that everyone he knew liked him.  I sure did.  I'm sorry that he didn't have the perfect life that he deserved.

03/30/19 05:12 PM #5    

Michael A. Tyree

Pamela, that's David. He was a year ahead of our group then did the 5th over again and was in our class.

  They did move to Highland Park when younger but they came back quickly to the house on Buchanan, just up the street from Skip. When David was living out there across from Shawnee C.C. he and I built one of the many "cars" we assembled over our childhoods. He may have been in gradeschool out near Topeka C.C to begin with?

  That one had a single cyl antique Maytag gas engine, probably ~ 1 HP, if that and it would carry either of us, if on a flat spot. His Dad was one of my favorite uncles, hands down, and a carpentry foreman for Dave keller Construction in Topeka. His Dad had more patience than most folks as we tore through his tools...

03/31/19 04:48 PM #6    

David P. Thompson

I  remember David Swartz both through an unclear mist, yet with very strong feelings.  I am moved by what has been said about him and the life he lived.  I remember being very impressed by his athleticism, yet he wasn’t a big guy.  I can’t remember what sports he played but he always did his best and seemed fearless, probably in contrast to my own sense of cautious vulnerability.  I also remember him as straightforward, kind, and funny, but not slapstick.

The classmates who have contributed comments have made me wish I had been one of his buddies at least some of these years during and since THS.

Mike Tyree you are a very vivid writer and I have always enjoyed your sharing memories. 

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