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Yes! Attending Reunion

I have enjoyed reading all the profiles, so I thought I, too, would do one. Apparently, I am not a woman who could multi-task. First, I had a career (no spouse, no children). Then I was a full-time caregiver for elderly parents. Now I have become a renaissance woman. I love retirement and enjoy living in Topeka. I try to work in mental and physical activities each week in case I have to live another 33 years. My mother lived to be over 100 and my father almost 100. I do elderly pilates and yoga and audit classes at Washburn University for free. What a great benefit! I, also, work with second graders in a volunteer reading program at State Street, the same school I attended many years ago. I like community concerts and local theatre. The art programs are so affordable here compared to other places I have lived. I also love to travel and visit friends. Last year I went abroad for the first time in many years. I went to Tuscany and plan on taking a French river cruise next spring. But enough about me. I was so shy and socially awkward in high school that I never really knew most of my classmates. I look forward to talking to you at our reunion.

School Story:

I loved the academic part of high school. I may have had crushes on Mr. Madl and Mr. McCarthy. We did have really excellent teachers.
As for my social life...., band was the saving grace. It gave me a sense of belonging in a very large high school.
I have few amusing stories to tell from this period. I did not start drinking until I started working for the Federal government. That was 1970. Could there be a link?
I will try to fabricate some stories before the reunion.

Just so you will recognize me at the Sunday concert, I am 2-3 inches taller than I was at the 50the reunion; I am now almost 5ft tall. I had major spine surgery last fall where the spine was straightened, fused, and reinforced with rods and screws. I have not flown yet, but am told I will not set off alarms at the airport. I have moved on from my Frankenstein walk of last fall, but am still not graceful or fluid when walking. But then, maybe, I never was. Hope to see you Sunday.

This is a cautionary tale: One of my favorite high school memories is going to Kansas City on a Saturday with the band to see The Music Man, one of my favorite musicals, at one the large movie theatres in Kansas City. (This seems almost quaint today.) Some of us ate at a nearby Chinese restaurant before the movie. To this day, The Music Man is one of my all-time favorite musicals. And, I loved playing 76 Trombones in marching band. In fact, I am considering contacting THS to see if I could arrange for the THS band in full uniform to lead the recessional at my funeral someday playing 76 Trombones. Much to my dismay this morning, I discovered that The Music Man was not released as a movie until 1962. Maybe, we saw South Pacific or Flower Drum Song. Now I am in a quandary on whether to edit my memory or let it remain special to me.

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The last time I saw Gary was at our 55th reunion.  He and his wife sat at a table in the THS cafeteria with Linda Sanderson McCollum and her husband Woody and me and several others.  He and Woody visited while the rest of us toured the high school.  He was really good company and laughed a lot.  Gary, Linda, and I went to Holiday Jr HIgh together.  Woody died late last year.  I am glad we were all together at the reunion. 

Gary will be missed.  My condolences to his family.

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Mary, It was fun to see you at the 55th reunion. I may do a road trip next summer to the west coast. If I pass thru Idaho, I will look you up. It is hard to catch up on a life in one week-end. Enjoy your birthday. Cherlyn

Sep 28, 2016 at 6:02 PM

Happy birthday, Ken. You did a great job spearheading the 55th reunion activities. And, you always bring it in under budget. Washington could use you. Enjoy your day and year.

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I am saddened to hear of Mary's passing.  She was a genuinely nice person and funny, too.  I considered Mary our Holiday Jr High class historian.  She had all sorts of memorabilia from that time, photos, and reunion books.  She and her husband would also host get-togethers after our Holiday reunions.  Mary was one of my go -to people when I wanted to know about classmates.  She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Feb 26, 2015 at 7:56 AM

Happy birthday, Jan. Enjoyed sharing a table at the 50th reunion. Are you still volunteering at Stormont-Vail? Hope to see you at the 55th.

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Happy Birthday! Sounds like you remain very active. I have many good memories of our band days. I haven't played my clarinet for a number of years although I still have it. About 40 years ago when I first lived in Kansas City, I thought i might join a community band group for summer concerts in the park. I was too discouraged when I started practicing again. I had forgotten so much. And that was 40 years ago. Look forward to seeing you at the 55th.

Jan 28, 2015 at 11:53 AM

Terry, I missed seeing you and Shirley at the 50th reunion. I was telling a local author, Esther Luttrell, about my childhood growing up in North Topeka before the '51 flood. She moved here from LA several years ago and is really interested in the history of Topeka. She writes mysteries and has written one called Invitation to a Murder which is her valentine to Topeka. The setting for the story is Potwin and her descriptions are lovely. I was telling her what North Topeka was like and what a great area to grow up in the 40's. She wants
to know more and is interested in pictures. I have very few, mostly Quincy Grade School pictures. It was so much fun reminiscing. I hope you and Shirley can come to the 55th reunion and I have an eager audience for listening to our childhood memories. Hope all is well, Cherlyn

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Marcia, Happy 50th Anniversary to you and Bill! And, I think it is great that you are endowing a scholarship at Washburn in lieu of a party. Although, parties are fun, too.
Wishing you many more anniversaries.

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Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope to see you soon. Maybe, lunch at Ice and Olives? Cherlyn

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Posted on: Dec 29, 2014 at 12:52 PM

I agree with Dennis' comments that love, happiness, and fun remain important as we age.
I was beginning to feel old and depressed reading about all of the losses of classmates this year. And, then I got some Christmas letters from friends who are still active with family, traveling, having new experiences, and keeping in touch with old friends.

It gave me some perspective on life as a 71 year old and some inspiration. In 2015, I plan to travel more, reach out to old friends and make new friends, and audit classes at Washburn this winter/spring semester. Those classes and being on campus make me feel younger and more vital. That is, until the weather is too cold, snowy, or icy. On those days I cut classes and reality sets in that I am 71. My plan B is to sit by the fire with a good book and cook something in the slow cooker. I enjoy having this THS site to stay in touch with classmates. I do not do facebook or I wish everyone a Happy New Year and great 2015.